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UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a Marine and Construction Engineering company working mainly in the Southern Part of Nigeria.
The company undertakes projects in the fields of Marine, Construction, Welding and Fabrication, Civil & Electrical Engineering, Sandblasting and Painting e.t.c.
The projects vary in sizes. Each work to be carried out will have its own specific safety aspect depending on the type of work and the site location.
The provisions in the company’s corporate safety policy are designed to augment existing bye-laws and safety regulations of our clients. This will help to ensure that safety becomes a working habit.
It is the policy of UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED to execute its projects and operations in such a way that the safety of its employee and that of others who may be affected are safeguarded. To ensure this, our Safety Department shall ensure a continuous identification of all hazards, put in measures to effect their controls, and develop procedures that will ensure the minimization of all these hazards.
Emphasis is laid on accident prevention, personal responsibility and cost effectiveness.
We recognize our responsibility as to provide a healthful working condition for our employees, to this end, every health hazards will also be identified, monitored and controlled. All workers shall be certified fit, medically, mentally and physically before employment and annual medical test will be carried out always.
Good safety practices are a part of our operational procedures. Every employee is expected to collaborate with the management to create a safe working environment in the company. To this end, due regard will be paid to the reduction of noise, minimization of dusts and fumes. Adequate protection will be given to workers whose work in such areas and the protection of the environment will also be our priority when carrying out such works.
It is a well-known fact of safety that being your brothers’ keeper ensures maximum protection from incident and accident, and so we are fully committed to maintain excellent rapport with all communities where our operations are based. To this end we shall have community liaison officers who shall be a contact point between the community and our public affairs department.
We shall also provide adequate security measures to all employees while on company duties, and protect all facilities while at the same time increase their awareness on security matters.
UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a Marine Engineering Civil and Construction Company that specializes on Welding services, Construction of roads and Bridges, Blasting & Painting and Electrical Works. It is because of our understanding of the hazardous nature of our work that we put this safety program in place.
We know the serious implications of having accidents that will lead to a number of retrogressive growths for both worker and the company. This program covers responsibilities of Management and employees with emphasis on targets for meetings and trainings.

This HSES plans seeks to achieve among others:

  • Management’s expectation and commitment to safety
  •  Employees’ greater awareness and participation in safety related issues
  •  Provision of safe working area for all employees and the protection of the environment by practicing good housekeeping and good waste management practices.
  •  Zero accident in all our operations

The management of UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is wholly committed to ensuring that operations are carried out with regard to all company safety rules and procedures. This is achieved with our Managing Director being ultimately accountable and responsible for the overall safety of all employees. A full time QA/QC Safety Officer who reports directly to the Managing Director is responsible to co-ordinate safety affairs. It is our wish that all employees shall abide by all UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
safety rules and procedures laid down in the company’s safety program.
Management shall:

  • Management will walk the talk by visiting work sites on a regular basis to share concerns with workforce and demonstrate leadership by example.
  • Provide a safe working environment for the workers by eliminating and or controlling all hazard situations with the intent of achieving zero injuries/accident.
  • Ensure immediate elimination of all injury/ill health causes at all work sites.
  • Management will back up the decision of employees who intervene to stop unsafe acts.
  • Provide and ensure fit for purpose machinery and equipment and tools.
  • Provide approved personal protective equipment and ensure that they are used and maintained.
  • Provide adequate and necessary training for all categories of employees.

To work safely is the responsibility of each employee in UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Safety is part of every job description and performance evaluation. All incidents are preventable and so employees shall know that this prevention is achievable through proper job planning.

  • Employees are responsible for their safety and safety of their co-workers.
  • Employees are expected to follow all company safety rules and procedures
  • Employees shall correct or report to his supervisor all unsafe conditions or procedures that he observes.
  • Be familiar with all emergency procedures and response plans.
  • They shall also report all accidents, near misses and potential hazards to their supervisor.
  • Employees shall consult with their supervisor when in doubt of any safety procedure.
  • Employee shall develop and maintain a genuine interest in this safety program

All Sub-contractors shall be selected based on HSES performance indices determined by UNITOP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. These performance indices shall include but not limited to the following:

  • A Copy of your Safety Policies or Manual
  • Safety meeting programs,
  • Audit and inspections programs,
  • Induction processes,
  • Work plans and procedures
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Housekeeping Policy
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all materials used by company.
  • Operators certification
  • Emergency Response Plan especially during supplies to the company.
  • Training programs etc

Contractors and Suppliers will be evaluated from time to time so as to ensure high standards are maintained and that they are in compliance with company HSES rules and regulations.
All sub-contractor employees will undergo specific orientation and induction before commencing work with the company. This is to ensure everyone on our work site or Office is aware of all hazards and controls and is conversant with all emergency procedures and response plans.
The company Safety Officer shall conduct the induction orientations.

























































Our Vision: To evolve from an oil servicing company to an oil producing company / Our mission: To be the best and best provider of both innovative and commercially proven solution for our customers.