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Unitop International Limited provides a first class Supply and Logistic solution for the Oil & Gas industry. To successfully minimize cost, the following factors are considered as our primary objectives:

  • Local facilities and equipment to handle the materials
  • Skilled and experienced personnel to co – ordinate and perform logistic operations
  • Dedicated facilities, personnel & equipment.
  • 24 hour / seven days a week operation capacity.

Unitop International Limited can provide the facilities, the equipment and the personnel to manage and supervise the logistic requirement of oil producing, service and project companies. This concept provides logistic assistance to these companies from arrival of cargo, stacking / racking to delivery of materials to operational areas on support vessel, barges or trucks.

Unitop International Limited also supply DEDICATED FACILITIES such as DEDICATED EQUIPMENT, DEDICATED PERSONNEL and DEDICATED SERVICES to meet our clients special needs.

Our Vision: To evolve from an oil servicing company to an oil producing company / Our mission: To be the best and best provider of both innovative and commercially proven solution for our customers.