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Our Vision: To evolve from an oil servicing company to an oil producing company Our mission: To be the best and best provider of both innovative and commercially proven solution for our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) anticipates the best for our host communities. We participate actively in both the national and community development. Our support for community is driven by desire to reduce poverty in the communities in which we operate. We promote economic empowerment amongst the communities, and generate employment for the youths.

This is by recognizing and helping to meet the broader needs and expectations of the communities where we work, we also hope to earn their support for the conduct of the business.

Our involvements take the form of a series of direct social investments, which are selected in consultation with participating communities, to meet the needs they feel to be most important.

A summary of what the company has done for the communities includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Awarding of contracts and sub-contracts to community based contractors.
  2. Employment on ad-hoc basis to over 100 persons by contractors and subcontractors in our operations from inception to date.
  3. Supported our host communities in their festivals both financially and morally.
  4. Renovation of St Luke’s Catholic Church, Ekulumili, Anambra State.
  5. Sponsoring of Sports e. g. Iwere United FC, Itsekiri.
  6. Erection of (Eagle) Edifice at Ogunu Roundabout, Warri.
  7. Awarding scholarships and educational assistance to indigenes of the communities for post primary, post secondary and remedial programmes from inception till date.
  8. Donation 6 sets of fans, 100 liters of kerosene and 100 liters of diesel to Saint Ann’s Orphanage in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.